1.01 – The decision of admin is final. The punishment can vary and it depends only on the decision of admin.
1.02 – Offending, ridiculing and attacks of any form targeted on the entirety of admin team or its members are prohibited.
1.03 – Dont be toxic, flaming and do not offend anyone in public rooms on this TeamSpeak server.
1.04 – You are strictly prohibited from posing as someone else – in any way.
1.05  – We have zero tolerance towards racism, and any form of discrimination.
1.06 – It is forbidden to use nicknames or avatars containing any form of bad language, or any other prohibited things on this server.
1.07 – You are strictly prohibited from sharing any websites containing inappropriate or illegal content
1.08 – Spamming, advertising, trolling (any form of bothering people, f.e. moving people from room to room, playing music in public rooms etc.) is strictly prohibited as well.
1.09 – Repeated violation of the rules is rewarded by permanent ban.
1.10 – If you encounter someone who is disturbing your room with his/her behavior even tho you gave him a warning, please contact our admins.
1.11 – It is your duty to report any errors and bugs on TeamSpeak, websites, forum or permissions. Not reporting or exploiting of such bug will be punished.
1.12 – Use the funcion “Make a Complaint”, if anyone is in any way breaking the rules.
1.13 – In case of ambiguity, arguments,  misunderstandings or conflict of the rules the admins decision is the law and you must respect it.
1.14 – Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
2.01 – Request for Private/Clan rooms can be posted only through our website.
2.02 – The name of your room as well as you cannot contain anything that is violating the rules.
2.03 – The maximum number of rooms you own is 1
3.01 – Admins are required after issuing a ban to a user to report this activity on forum. Where they will list nickname, unique ID and the reason for the ban, ideally with some sort of proof.
3.02 – If you think that you received ban whilst not breaking any of the rules, you have the right to request an unban. You can request it in relevant topic on our forum, where you will describe your problem, or suggestion, why you should receive an unban. In case of a mistake we recommend to introduce proof of such. If you request an unban longer than two weeks after the ban has been issued, the request is automatically denied.

In case of error, ambiguity or some other issue, do not hesitate to contact our admins.