Recruitment into the AdminTeam

Hey guys,

we got a brand new TeamSpeak server, so why dont we get some new faces in our AdminTeam? What am I offering? Great community and of course assignments such as Server Admin, Helper, Music Bot DJ, Music Admin or Web Mod.
The only thing that I require is to have some common sense, will to help, experience with TeamSpeak and thorough knowledge of the rules. Of course admins are no exemptions to those rules and breaking them will result in the same punishment as it will for non-admin players, so dont abuse the power you might be given.
No time to waste, just send us your application to our Forum pages for WebsiteTeamSpeak server or Music Bot where you will create a new topic stating the position you would like to acquire and your nickname. It should contain some personal information nad a reason why should you join us in our AdminTeam!

Good luck & have fun, AnTy!


Hey guys,

we just added a new option and that is to make a registration on our website! You can create your registration easily here. You can log in by pressing the button Login on the side panel. You will receive some email notifications regarding news on the web or new features on TeamSpeak server etc., not to worry these wont spam your inbox folders. You will also gain access to all the currently available features on the website such as forum, comments, all articles and the possibility to be the part of all available polls.

Enjoy your stay, AnTy.