Merry Xmas!

Hey guys!

So the time of holidays, joy and relax has crawled in, and in order to survive it and your families in proper ways, we the Admin Team wish you whole bunch of gifts you dreamt about and some calm and relaxing hours in your new games.

So very merry Christmas and hopefully our family here on our server will be united as well in health and happiness.

Minecraft server status update

Hey guys,

Minecraft server was successfully fixed, the loss of data is minimal, however you are required to update your Minecraft clients to version 1.12.2. IP remains the same. It is possible that you will experience some rollback issues (because we are using a version of the map, that was saved before the error occured)

Good luck & have fun while gaming, AnTy.

*Important information* New database

Hey guys,

yesterday while trasferring database to domain we encountered a severe malfunction and I was forced to create new one, which is why you can see some changes in RulesRoom Request Application and in Forum. All registered changes on our website are still valid! Also the database with accounts was deleted, so please make new registrations. Thank you very much.

Good luck & have fun, AnTy!